Saturday, 7 November 2015

Arrangement for Production!

Rhythm and tempo in arrangement!

 How fast a track is also influences how long a section is.

When producing a track it is good to look at the arrangement.

how many bars of what for how long

16 bars of 4/4 at 120 bpm = 32seconds
8 bars of 4/4 at 60 bpm = 32 seconds
4 bars of 44/ at 120 bpm=  8 seconds

How many bars will you cover in Minute at 120 bpm

Let's make 3 sections for our track?

                                        Tempo/ Bars

How long is section A?

How long is section B?

How long is section C?

How many of each section!

your task is to decide how long and how many of each section and make a template for this in logic! 
then add different rhythms to illustrate these sections.

Nothing is set in stone you can change the tempo lengths of sections and rhythms later.

Assignment Brief

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