Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Songwriting! 3 chord trick

1   2   3   4     6    7
C  D- E- F   G  A-  B dim 

The anchor points and 3 most important chords of a key are 1 4 5! 

These in the key of C are C F G notice the are all major! 

1   2   3     4      6     7
A  B  C# - D  E   F#-  G# dim 

Your task today is to construct two different patterns using only chords 1, 4 ,5  

Other 3 chord tricks can use the relative minor.
The relative minor of C is A- the relative minor of F is D- and the relative minor of G is E minor.
The relative major and minors are pretty much interchangeable but add a different texture. 

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